Rent a Jet Ski in Durrës
Water fun ride directly on the beach of Albania with watercrafts

Embark with us on a “magical journey” you and your family will remember for a lifetime. Durrës jet ski rental offers an adventure like no other through Albanias coast.

Prepare to see Durrës and the beaches through a different lens.

Choose your Favourite Jet Ski Model for Rent & Find out Prices

Jetski Spark
SeaDoo Spark
Jetski GTR230
SeaDoo GTR 230

SeaDoo Spark

The Sea-Doo Spark is compact and at the same time the lightest watercraft on the market. So it ensures a lot of driving fun and a playful driving experience.


Main Features:

  • Engine Rotax 900cc ACE
  • Suited for 2 persons
  • Power 60HP

15 minutes

25EUR/ 3000LEK

30 minutes

50EUR/ 6000LEK

45 minutes

75EUR / 9000LEK

60 minutes

100EUR / 12000LEK

SeaDoo GTR 230

The SeaDoo GTR 230 is one of the easiest ways to get into the musclecraft scene. It comes with a powerful supercharged 230-hp Rotax engine and it is now equipped with the exclusive LinQ Quick-Attach System for cargo and the100W BRP Audio Premium system is a factory-installed option.


Main Features:

  • Engine Rotax 1630cc ACE
  • Suited for 2 persons
  • Power 300HP

15 minutes

30EUR / 3700LEK

30 minutes

60EUR / 7400LEK

45 minutes

90EUR / 1100LEK

60 minutes

120EUR / 14800LEK

Requirements & Rules

Our Jet Ski rental in Durrës Albania is one of the most affordable services.  We seek to be as loyal as possible to our clients but, since the company is licensed, some requirements and rules exist to work for your safety.


Consider them before you apply:

  • bring your ID-card or passport
  • bring cash money
  • life-jackets are obligatory
  • helmet use is up to you
  • after a short briefing you can take your ride over the open sea
  • never go close to an other jet-ski

Obligatory: use only the fairway near the beach marked with buoys with very low speed.


And now enjoy your ride.


If you still have questions on Jet Ski riding in Durrës, do not hesitate to contact us.


You can also ask our partner Durrës Apartments at Beach Front Marilyn if questions were not answered.


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